Mike McEntush

Sales Vice President

Mike Sells Cincy Homes

About Mike McEntush

Your choice of realtors is one of the most important decisions you have to make in purchasing and selling real estate. Mike McEntush strives to provide clients with top level service and information. I work not only to be your realtor but to be your informational source. I am as much an educator as a sales and marketing agent. You need a REALTOR® with a beat on the pulse of the market, who can break down and analyze wants/needs of buyers and sellers. You want the right agent working for you. For a comprehensive look at the Cincinnati market check out www.MikeSellsCincyHomes.com. Mike McEntush has always set high expectations for bringing a superior commitment and passion to every client and transaction. His understanding of how to market properties and negotiate deals consistently puts him and his clients in advantageous positions for success. Mike has knowledge of the current market conditions, relocation trends and enjoys keeping his clients informed to take advantage of market conditions. Mike’s experience in many different areas allows Mike to offer clients a diverse range of expertise from representing clients on both the buy and sale side, investments and land purchases. His dynamic personality, humor for life, contagious energy and love for the business have made Mike McEntush one of the most sought after REALTOR® in the industry. Mike McEntush attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated with a Bachelor in Health Promotion and Education with emphasis in Athletic Training. After college Mike entered the job force training high school and college athletes in speed, strength and agility. After several years of training, Mike decided to venture out into outside and inside sales before deciding that he wanted to make a difference in people lives. In 2011, he jumped into real estate with Star One Realtors during the difficult housing market and was willing to do the work to become a real estate agent you can trust. In order to deliver the greatest value to their clients—whether they are buyers, sellers, developers, corporate relocations or investors—Mike McEntush focuses on one thing above all others:the client. Personally, Mike enjoys spending time with his incredible wife and 2 children attending sporting events, grilling, enjoying time with family and friends.

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